February 15, 2018

Another step towards guaranteed funding for TAFE

The Stop TAFE Cuts team

The Stop TAFE Cuts campaign took another step towards guaranteed funding for TAFE on the weekend.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill committed to guarantee a minimum 70 per centof VET fundingto TAFE.

This announcement follows similar commitments for two thirds or 70 per centfunding guarantees for TAFE from the Australian Labor Party federally, and the Labor Party in three other jurisdictions – NSW, the ACT and Tasmania.

Meanwhile, total government recurrent funding has declined by 26% since 2012; government payments to non-TAFE providers have more than doubled since 2007 and government expenditure per annual hour of training has decreased by 15 per cent.

The Turnbull government’s only plan is to fund vocational education through levies on visas - a strategy that business groups, unions and many politicians say is certain to fail.

In this difficult climate for TAFE – it is vital that we redouble our efforts in campaigning.

Stop TAFE Cuts supporters can support the campaign going by contacting politicians and asking them to sign our funding guarantee (and sending us a photo!).For those politicians whose party has committed to a 70 per cent or two thirds funding guarantee, signing an individual guarantee demonstrates they understand the importance of guaranteed funding for TAFE.

Where there is not yet a commitment to the guarantee, it is still important to speak to or write to your local MP and ask them what their plan is for TAFE. Let them know that TAFE is important to you and the majority of the electorate.

TAFE is too good to lose, and we need to remind all politicians of that.

Guaranteed funding for TAFE is the first step in securing its future.

We need politicians to stand up and speak up for TAFE.